The cost of a wedding DJ will vary depending on some of these things:

Cost of a wedding DJ can depend on his or her Experience

DJs have different levels of experience. A DJ that is just starting out will more than likely be less expensive than a DJ that has many years of experience. The average cost of a DJ just starting out will generally be around $50/hr where an experienced DJs can be $100/hr and up. There are many ranges in between and none of this is written in stone however these figures are the general standard for DJ Services.

Distance – Cost of a wedding DJ

The distance the DJ has to travel plays a part in their fees. While an experienced DJ may charge $100/hr they may also charge .15 to .25 cents per km/mile for travel out of town. For an out of town gig there may also be additional hourly charges based on the time it takes to reach the destination where your event will take place. Let’s take for example your event is 100 kilometers away from the DJs main location and the DJ is charging you a fee of $400 for 4hrs of actual DJ services. If the base fee is $100/hr for 4hrs you could expect to pay $400 + .25/km x 100km = $25 + $200 (2 additional hrs driving time) for a total of $625 + tax.

Considering a destination wedding? Wondering about DJ services in a different country? Considering hiring a DJ from your home town and flying them to your destination to DJ your wedding? This could work in your favor! Or it could be much more expensive. Many DJs will cut deals with you if they get to fly to a sunny destination and spend a couple days for free. However there will always be the cost of the flight, accommodations and necessities while they are there and if you add in DJ service fees this could make for an expensive DJ service invoice.

Sound & Lighting – Cost of a wedding DJ

If you need a sound system on top of the DJ services the cost will be significantly higher. Keep in mind it’s hard to estimate these cost without knowing the size of the room, number of guests and location where sounds is necessary. With that in mind and as an example, for a wedding reception of 100 guest and everything (ceremony, cocktails and reception party) happening in one room you may be able to get away with a couple speakers, speaker stands, a mic and the necessary cabling. A general estimate of these costs are $500 when you factor in that someone needs to remove these items from storage, pack the vehicle drive to your location, set it up, make sure it sounds good for the duration of your event and then tear it down when your event is over and take it back to storage etc.

The same thoughts apply to lighting equipment. A general quote for basic lighting for a wedding reception of 100 guest might be something like $300. However lighting can become quite complex and there are many options.

Preparation – Cost of a wedding DJ

Weddings have a wide range of demographics attending. Ethnicity, age, gender and preference play a large part in what the wedding DJ will perform while at your event. Sometimes couples and their families are very particular about the music and a number of meetings prior to the wedding are necessary to get everyone on the same page musically. These meetings take time out of a DJs schedule and may affect what you’re charge in the end.

Timeline – Cost of a wedding DJ

The timeline of your wedding may affect the cost of your weeding DJ. If you need a DJ for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception party the DJ could work 12 to 14 hours in one day to pull off your wedding successfully. Since most weddings start around mid to late afternoon, the DJ would need to gather the sound/and lighting gear in the early afternoon then travel to your event, set up the gear and begin playing and could be playing until the bar closes at 2am. This makes for an extremely long day and will definitely affect the cost.


You might be asking yourself if you need to tip the DJ. While it’s not mandatory it’s a nice gesture especially if the DJ has done a great job and you and your guests are pleased with the service. When factoring in tips we recommend a minimum of 10% or more of the DJ fee.


On the vary low end without additional sound and lighting equipment you can expect to pay $500 for basic wedding DJ services.

The average cost of a wedding DJ without additional sound and lighting equipment is $1000.

With lots of preparation, distance to travel, additional sound and lighting equipment and a full day covering the ceremony, cocktail hour and or reception you can expect to pay at the very least $1500 and up probably more like $2500 and up.

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